Dating Advice For Men That Works

Here is some great dating advice for men on how to have an impressive date with a woman…

Dating advice for men – asking her for a date:
  • Before asking her out on a date, try to have a conversation or two with her. This will present an opportunity for you to discover if your personalities and ideas are aligned with each other and if you have anything in common, before you even decide to ask her out for a date.
  • When calling her on the phone, don’t forget to mention the conversations you’ve had with her if those conversations were in person…perhaps you met her in a bookstore or in line at a grocery store or the bank. This will give her the impression that you were listening and paying attention to her, making her feel important. Then, if you’re feeling it…go for it and ask her out, but do it gently and not in a demanding manner.
  • Don’t ask her out unless you’re both alone. And, for heaven’s sake, never ask a girl out on a date in front of others, especially her friends. Don’t put her on the spot like that…if she says no, you will both be embarrassed.
Dating advice for men – during the date:
  • Look sharp, put together, and be neat. Put in a little extra effort when it comes to the way you look for the date. Take your time getting ready…make sure you’re well groomed, you smell nice and your clothes fit well. In short, make sure you’re dressed to kill! Obviously, they must correspond to the place for which your date is set. Make a good first impression, cuz you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Don’t waste it! You want to charm her so she will be proud to be seen in public with you.
  • Never, never, never be late. Prepare for the big day ahead, if necessary and your organization skills are questionable. For goodness sake, plan ahead for your date and make the necessary reservations, if need be. If you’ve done your homework and have properly planned ahead for your date, she will be impressed that you put in some extra effort for your night together. Be sure that your schedule is basically clear on the big day so you won’t be pressed for time. Remember, always, always, always be on time!
  • Be polite…don’t act like you were raised in a jungle somewhere. Be sure to make her feel good by complementing the way she looks, but don’t force it…make sure whatever you say to her is sincere. And, when seated at the table, turn your cell phone off! This will let her know that you are very much interested in the time you’re spending together.
  • Say her name…put love to here there name! Make it a point to say her name every so often in your conversations, to make her feel at ease and special.
  • Don’t worry, be happy, and smile. Aside from making you appear to be a positive person, your smile let’s her know that you’re happy to be with her. That, of course, is assuming that you are happy to be with her! 😉
  • Have a sense of humor, but no stupid jokes. Making a woman laugh is half the battle, and it means that she is having a nice time and creates a positive atmosphere. This will be a date she will remember, if she has FUN!
  • Be attentive and open your ears. Listen to what she has to say, do not interrupt her…EVER! Let her finish before you open your mouth, and make eye contact, but don’t stare…staring is creepy.
  • Be honest…cuz mama told me that honesty is the best policy. Then too, if you lie and she busts you…it’s all over. Let her get to know you by telling her what you do and what interests you. If she doesn’t like you for who you are, then she’s probably not the one for you. Definitely show interest in her, too, by asking her about her work, hobbies and her turns her on (in a good way!). Be sensible and honest in initiating conversation with her.
  • Relax and don’t worry if she’s having a good time or not. Focus your attention on her, be your best, and enjoy the evening. Keep the conversations open, ask questions, be sincere, and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Above all, be yourself. Don’t be a pretender. Pretending to be somebody that you’re not will definitely not serve you well in the long run. The truth always seems to come out sooner or later. Besides, you want the “feel good” feeling you get when someone is drawn to you for who you really are…the REAL you.
  • Never, never, ever compare your date to one of your ex’s, whether an ex girlfriend, or wife for that matter. Keep in mind that your date is a totally different person with her own unique personality. Take the time to discover the REAL her; even if it doesn’t work out you’ll be happy you did…whether good or bad. Comparing won’t get you anywhere in a hurry.
  • Never tell your date about your previous relationships, unless she asks. It would be rude to avoid her questions, but don’t beat it to death and end up with diarrhea of the mouth and go on and on about your ex. Keep in mind that you asked her out so you both could have fun together. She’s your date, not your therapist, so don’t go there and talk about your past relationships unless she brought it up. Bury the past and move on. There’s a woman in front of you–hopefully a HOT one– who is interested in you and wants to get to know you better. Get to know her, too…initiate a conversation that will hopefully lead to some common interests.
  • Enjoy life, my friend! Dating should be exciting and relaxing even if she turns out to be a dud…or, you do. A woman can sense if you are enjoying your time with her or not. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to make it the “perfect date”…because it won’t be. But, you both can relax and enjoy it. After all, you did invite her out because you liked her in the first place, so be spontaneous and have as much fun as two people possibly can on a first date. 😉
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