3 Dating Myths About Hot Gals Sitting Alone In Restaurants

I have a couple of short videos for you today that have to do with dating myths. The first has to do with approaching and hot gal who is setting all by her lonesome in a restaurant. Yeah, I hear ya, I would have a hard time approach a hot gal in this situation, too. But, hey, after watching this video maybe we won’t be so freaked out about it?!?!?

The second video addresses a number of the “rules” that you’re supposed to follow when you’re out there doing your dating thing. Hey, rules are meant to be broken sometimes…if you know what I mean. 😉

3 Dating Myths About Hot Women Sitting Alone In A Restaurant

This video from Lennie Ross reveals 3 dating myths about hot women who are sitting alone at a restaurant explains why it’s not only okay to approach them, but it’s highly recommended.

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4 Dating Myths – True or False?

People are always talking about the rules and other things you need to know when it comes to dating. In this video, the Professional Wingman tries to dispel 4 of these dating myths and provide a bit of reality. The myths covered are: the “3-Day” Rule; Flirting Creates Attraction; Limit Your Availability; and, No Status No Dating. Even though this is a short but sweet video, it has some great dating tips for men.

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